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We offer a range of services that help you towards an even better end product in mechanical production.

Face Sculpture

Product development

With over 50 years of experience in mechanical production, we have built up a solid experience and knowledge. If you have your idea in mind and need help with drawings for production, we can help you in this part of product development. We have the best drawing tools and good expertise in the field. With our material experience, we help you find good cost-effective solutions.

Meeting Between Colleagues


Product development, prototypes, material selection, special production, purchased components, CAD and drawing material, are examples of areas our customers often have an opinion on. Often these are both difficult and heavy processes. And it costs a lot to make mistakes.
TOPRO mechanical has built up unique competence and experience over many years in this field of expertise. Advice is therefore something we are happy to assist our customers with.


The industry is undergoing demanding restructuring, where good solutions and good processes are crucial for good profitability. TOPRO Mechanic can contribute in all project phases – from idea and development and engineering to consulting and operational support.

In a Meeting


We have the customer in focus, through reliability and good quality we create a long-term collaboration with our customers. Through this work, we have a number of partners in various disciplines. For our customers, this means that we can be a total supplier of products that have several processes we have to retrieve parts of in our network. In this way of working, we always have the best partner in the entire value chain.

Files and Packages

Assembly / packing

We have more and more customers who want to focus on their own sales. If you are newly established and do not have the large organization with you yet, we can help with assembly, packaging and distribution.

How we work


Digital collaboration

Predictable price

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